Trip Down Memory Lane

Meet the band members, past and present, below.

2011 - 2015

Together since they first formed the band as friends back in 2008 jamming their instruments in school. Sanuka on vocals, Sahan on bass, Shane on lead, Janith on the sax and keyboard and Lakshan on drums. Circumstances brought Janith to leave the band to focus on his further studies and pursue a different line of work.

what life sounds like
2015 - 2018

With Janith leaving, Hasitha jumped on the bandwagon on keyboards. Having achieved a great deal and having passed many milestones as a young and emerging band, we welcomed our second vocalist, Asanka, who brought a whole new perspective to stage performance with his dynamic personality along side Sanuka, although later Sanuka and Asanka both had to leave due to unavoidable circumstances.

new beginnings
2018 - 2019

With both our vocalists gone, Glory welcomed it’s two new very talented vocalists, Trehan and Shijan. Being a Gloryboy for nearly two long years, Shijan was forced to bid farewell to Glory and the world due to heart complications. We carry his memory with us with every tune we play.

2019 - Present

Coming to terms with Shijan’s loss, Glory continues to make magic with music and try to make your special days a little more vibrant and a little more happening.