By Rashika Fazali

If I were to compile a list of the most overplayed commercialized English songs performed by Sri Lankan musicians, the first song would be ‘Summer of 69’, then ‘Long Train Running,’ ‘Buffalo Soldier,’ ‘Hotel California,’ Sweet Child of Mine’ and so on would top the list.  It could get a tad overrated, don’t you think?

Glory, the five member multi-genre band, hopes to change this by performing songs that are not commonly played to the Sri Lankan audience. Glory Band Leader and Bass Guitarist Sahan Silva explained: “We want people to listen to good music. Musicians in Sri Lanka try to make people listen to the same songs over the past 30 years like ‘Summer of 69’. There are other great bands with great songs that people don’t really tend to listen to. We want to make people listen to these great songs and improve their taste in good music. Glory would like to make a difference in the music scenario in Sri Lanka.” In other words, hit songs aren’t the only available good songs.

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